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Saturday, 18 October 2014

LA PLAGNE: The end of the Bellecote bottleneck?

The Perso La Plagne site notes that La Plagne isn't always very good at spreading the word about developments to the ski area - indeed that was one of the reasons why they up the site 12 years ago.

With the construction of the 8-seater Colosses lift, however, things are different.  Partly because it's such a bottleneck at Plagne Bellecote, it would be criminal not to put the word out.  And partly because the resort is dead proud that its own team from the S.A.P. has led the work.  La Plagne TV takes up the story.  And here is the coverage from TV Mont Blanc:

For more on the background to the latest upgrades in La Plagne, including the plans for the new Montalbert gondola click here.

The 1966 marketing poster.
Click here for some history


  1. Hello Simon,

    The main reason why la Plagne is now more active on social networks is that a community manager is now dealing with the resort's digital communication.
    So you will get many news about new lifts, but also about the resort events, life, etc...

  2. Interesting - they have definitely improved. Les Arcs seem to have woken up too: their tweeting, for example, has been pretty lacklustre. But @LesArcs seems to be being a bit more engaged of late